Digital Learning Lesson Plan

This quarter we dove into the values and ethics of digital education. We worked through many reading that helped identify the different pros and cons of digital education along with the responsibility that educators have to teach our students the safety and ins and outs of living in the digital sphere. We were asked to participate in a learning experience at our schools to identify the foundations and feeling that were already in place. My teammate and I researched questions to interview our administration about that would help us understand our schools culture surrounding digital education. Through our research and interview we realized that our school has an amazing basis for implementation. Being in a district that has already adopted 1:1 Chromebooks for students 6th-12th grade along with chromecarts in all 5th grade classrooms, we felt that our school had a great understanding of the digital ethics that needed to be put into place to support the growing technology usage with our students.

There are always next steps for improvement. I am so proud of the foundations that my district has put into place, and my teammate and I found the best way we could help our school’s innovation train continue rolling. We have put together an initial unit plan to help educators teach their beginning stages of digital citizenship and safety. I feel that creating lesson plans that can guide educators to the next steps of having their students enter the digital realm, is the next most needed asset in classrooms.

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