Coaches model and support the use of qualitative and quantitative data to inform their own instruction and professional learning. Coaches:

C. Partner with educators to empower students to use learning data to set their own goals and measure their progress.

The last indicator in the Data-Driven Decision-Maker standard is c. Indicator c switches the role of the educator and coach being the ones to collect and interpret data to the students utilizing learning data for their own measurements. Students in this indicator are to be empowered to “use learning data to set their own goals and measure their progress”. Similar to having students receive feedback in a prompt and timely manner, this indicator is having students receive feedback in the form of data, and then base their goals off of that provided data. This empowerment puts the ownership of learning and progression on the students. 

One way that I interacted with this standard in the DEL program was to create a way for students to interact with their learning previous to the lessons occurring. As a learner myself, I always like to know what the end result should look like prior to me diving into a learning experience. By my professors, or professional development facilitators, providing time for me to interact with a rubric or success criteria, it sets me up to know where I am going and how I will show that I got there. This is exactly what students need. In my post Student Ownership with Rubrics, I write about the incredible opportunity we have as educators and coaches to give students the chance to establish ownership of their learning through creating and accessing rubrics. They are then able to set their personal learning objectives and measure their progression towards those objectives.