Coaches plan, provide and evaluate the impact of professional learning for educators and leaders to use technology to advance teaching and learning. Coaches:

C. Evaluate the impact of professional learning and continually make improvements in order to meet the school wide vision for using technology for high-impact teaching and learning.

The last indicator of the Professional Learning Facilitator standard wraps up the entire experience of planning/participating in a professional learning experience. Indicator b shows us the importance of giving meaningful feedback to the participants of the PD, and indicator c moves to evaluating the entire experience. In order to do this, you need to be aware of the vision that your school has surrounding “technology for high-impact teaching and learning”. You can then evaluate how the professional learning impacted the participants and move on to making improvements to continuously improve upon the learning that took place. 

  1. The opportunity that I had to create a plan for how to create professional learning experiences included this important last step of evaluating and improving upon the experience. Read more about this here, Incorporating Active Learning into Professional Learning Experiences.

  2. On the other side of becoming the Professional Learning Facilitator, is being a participant of a professional learning experience that was facilitated by a different professional. A great example that I had of evaluating the impact of professional learning was shown throughout the DEL program. Each quarter we were given a survey that allowed us to give feedback to our facilitators. It included basic questions such as how we enjoyed the course, up to specific questions on how we feel the program or course could be improved. This was something that I had not necessarily experienced before, actually being taken into consideration and used to make improvements. This was a great example of how facilitators can continuously look for ways to expound upon learning experiences and I look forward to using similar methods in the future.