Coaches plan, provide and evaluate the impact of professional learning for educators and leaders to use technology to advance teaching and learning. Coaches:

B. Build the capacity of educators, leaders and instructional teams to put the ISTE Standards into practice by facilitating active learning and providing meaningful feedback.

The Professional Learning Facilitator standard is an overarching look at planning, giving and then evaluating professional learning experiences for all educators to “advance teaching and learning”. Indicator b zooms in to the method of giving and evaluating professional development by focusing on active learning activities within the professional learning opportunities and finishing up by providing meaningful feedback to participants.

  1. To me, one of the most important components of learning, whether self-directed or teacher-led, is the evaluation and reflection period after the learning has taken place. Indicator b specifically mentions the importance of the end of learning experience by stating to provide meaningful feedback. In my post, Creating Positive Coaching Relationships Based on Collaborating and Communicating, I talk about creating relationships through coaching that includes providing meaningful feedback. Through my research into the Professional Learning Facilitator standard, I learned that meaningful feedback is key to creating lasting relationships and building a culture around improvement.

  2. Indicator b also speaks to the facilitation piece of active learning. We know as educators that active learning is the most effective way for students to recall information that they interact with while learning. This is the same for adult learners and should be held equally as high of a vital component when planning professional learning experiences. Read more about how I found ways to do this in my post, Incorporating Active Learning into Professional Learning Experiences.

  3. Another post that includes these important components is Planning Impactful Professional Development. You’ll find active learning and meaningful feedback strategies listed as things to keep in mind while planning professional learning experiences.