Coaches model and support educators to design learning experiences and environments to meet the needs and interests of all students. Coaches:

D. Model the use of instructional design principles with educators to create effective digital learning environments.

In our last component of ISTE Coach Standard 4, The Learning Designer, we find a pointed indicator that focuses specifically on the instructional design principles that when modeled, will help educators “create effective digital learning environments”. The key to this indicator is in the instructional design principles that will bring success to educators. 

  1. One vital instructional design principle is surrounding active learning. As a coach, and learning designer, it is important to always keep your learner in mind as you design their learning experience. Through the DEL program, I had amazing experiences in which I had an active piece of my own learning. Through inquiry processes, I was the main character in my learning story. This is what we need to model for our educators as digital education leaders. A way to achieve this, is to bring active learning into all of your PD and coaching relationships. Read more about how to do this in my post, Incorporating Active Learning into Professional Learning Experiences

  2. Another way that I came to understand the importance of keeping instructional design principles in the front of your mind, likewise to keeping your learner in the forefront, we also need to be aware of our intentionality behind incorporating technology with our educators. In my post Integrating Technology through the lens of a Learning Designer, I look at how we should be thinking about the integration of technology into our practice. At the beginning of my digital technology learning, I went technology integration crazy. I felt that all lessons could be improved by including technology. And while that state of mind isn’t inherently incorrect, it isn’t the way that we should view integrating technology. When we are in the role of Learning Designer, we should be intentional about our integration. Read more about my learning process above.